Wedding Photographer Lancaster

At the age of 18 in Sydney harbour I fell in love with photography (albeit with a small compact camera) and now I feel totally honoured to be able to call it my profession. I love people, love light, love visiting new places and love seeing the world through different perspectives. My photography may be my perspective on the world and events as I see them, but it’s one that is of an observant documentary style. I don’t believe in obtrusion or masses of direction and posing, simply taking stock of what is in front of me and capturing people at their most natural.

My passion lies in travel and street photography and this has left an imprint on my wedding style. Of course photography is not all I’m about… I love nothing more than a few drinks on a Sunday with my mates, a game of footy on a Saturday, whether it be playing or watching. Lazing on the sofa with my lovely lass, watching films, cooking, hiking camping, pulling silly faces for a camera… Simple things that make us smile. Most of all I love life and the randomness of it all hopefully that’s the sort of person you’re looking for to capture your special moments.